Monday, June 11, 2012

Groupname and our vision


This is our Groupmembers:

Ann-Louise Svensson, Maria Casagrande and Kerstin Hultin

Groupname: Industrial stories

Overoll vision:

To tell about the industrial environment from the common mans point of view.

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  1. Group: Industrial stories
    Primary target group: Children age 13-14, visiting in groups. They are teached industrial history, social history, local history etc. in school at that age.
    The users want: to find, discover, meet people from the past, experience.

    Environment: Brewery, in use 1908-1971, now empty except for big machines. Notable building.

    3 levels of storytelling:
    a) stories about the factory and the production of "brännvin" - here and there in the building
    b) stories about a specific machine or place in the building - triggered when the users approach it.
    c) personal stories about life in the factory, working conditions etc. - triggered by voice that steers the language. "Lisa, please tell me about..."

    In level C we tell stories about working environment, child labour and other general questions that we want to emphasize.

    It is also important to tell about all the workers supporting the industry by producing bottles, delivering potatoes etc.