Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Dudes

Hi all!
We are "the Dudes", group members:

  • Bruno Fanini
  • Doriana De Padova
  • Dario Cianciarulo

Our goal is to reshape/extend an existing application and ongoing case study:

Our overall vision is to value (in this case) a reconstruction of a thermal landscape in Italy, with special attention to specific hotspots where the users can explore the virtual world in walk-mode and activate a timeline from present to roman times for that particular area.
The approach we'd like to propose is not limited to this specific case and we're considering other applications and VR scenarios.
The requirements are mostly focused on exploration ease of use for the visitor with natural interactions and on enhancing emotional aspect using per-hotspot unique sensorial experiences as "reward" during walk session. Users audience would cover a broad range.

Our goal is to provide an experience that stimulates the visitor curiosity that is guided towards the answers, so that once he leaves the application he wants to "know more" about the environment

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